Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Translation of the Tetragrammaton

My new article on the Tetragrammaton is now online. As usual, I find it hard to stop revising and adding information to a new article, but I will leave it alone for a while now. This is an interesting and complicated subject, and I hope I've treated it in a helpful way.


Bradford said...

This is a very helpful article. You answered several of my questions.

Providential1611 said...

I am interested in our opinion about these two articles:



Thank you

Addl said...

Hello there,

you seem to be interested in the truth based on facts (based on what i read on your page so far). What do you think about the proof presented here:


Please note i am no "sacred name is essential" person, but i just think the pronunciation can be known. All other arguments i have seen are usually based on baseless guesses and suggestions, but this is actual proof.

What do you think?

mahdypadgitt said...

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